Future Workshop / Zukunftswerkstatt

Part I in Germany and Israel: 21-30 May 2015

Part II in Germany: 14-18 October 2015


What we offer

Join a group of 16 experts from Germany and Israel for an action seminar traveling both countries.

Take the chance to exchange ideas, experience best practices first hand and discuss matters of collective identity and global transformation.

Use the opportunity to present your expert knowledge and innovative ideas to a professional audience and interested public.

The program will cover airfare to Germany and Israel, accommodation, transportation and meals.


How to participate

You are 25 - 35 years old and got to know the other country. 

You are an experienced academic or professional expert. In your line of work you cover topics like governance, inequality, migration, socio-economicchallenges, urban planning, or sustainability.

Participation fee of 300 €.

Apply until 19 April 2015 at future@digev.de

Your application includes: CV; letter of motivation,including your field of expertise and yourprevious experiences with German-Israeli relations.


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